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Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's this strange sensation...?

The mercury topped off today at a positively balmy apex of 25 degrees. And considering that was 30 degrees warmer than when I was last on the bike, I decided it was a moral imperative to get out and pedal like fuck.

I headed to LBS #1 to pick up the shoes that were given to me last weekend (Kickass, Johnny Sprockets. Here's a tip o' the hat to ye), then I headed south to Cycle Smithy, where I needed to discover all the arcane methods of Brooks saddle tightening; then I jaunted over to REI, where I really didn't need ANYTHING, but figured would be as good a destination as any; then I headed back north, where the "thunking" upon front brake application threatened to drive me insane. So, with a final stop at Uptown Bikes, it was diagnosis: street filth in rim. After a gentle sanding, the nonsense was no more, and it was happy trails (except for the dozing asshole drivers on Broadway) all the way home.

So with the above gauntlet being run, I scored a decent 15 miles for the day. Hardly epic, but more than I've done all at once since being back from New Orleans. And you know what? I'm feeling strangely fine... :-)


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